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Running Breeze 5.0 Licensed Server with SSL Through a Radware CT100

Frank S. DeRienzo

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05 August, 2005
User Level:
Intermediate, Advanced

The best, most robust, and simplest means of implementing SSL with Macromedia Breeze is through a hardware-based SSL accelerator. There are many platforms available on the market, varying in price and capability. One popular option among Breeze customers is the Radware CT100 accelerator. This article shows best practices for configuring a single secure Breeze Communication Server running the full suite of Breeze applications - Meeting, Presenter, Training, and Events - with the CT100.


To complete this tutorial you will need to install the following software and files:

Breeze Licensed Server 5.0 CD with Serial Key and License file

Additional Requirements

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2004
  • a small 100 Mbps switch (Optional)
  • a CT100

Prerequisite knowledge:

A basic understanding of network infrastructure, routing, bridging, and Network Address Translation (NAT)

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