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Creating Curriculums with Macromedia Breeze Training

Bob Benedict

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28 February 2006

I’m not sure if you’ve heard the news, but rapid training really seems to be catching on. Training departments can produce engaging content faster and at lower costs. Customers are satisfied with the effectiveness of the material, and they benefit from the shorter development times. The Macromedia Breeze team couldn’t be happier about this trend. When we started planning our latest version of Breeze, we heard a few things repeatedly from the customers who helped us shape our vision. For example, training departments needed more functionality to manage a training program made up of multiple topics.  Many customers were enrolling uses in multiple related courses and they needed a way to organize the courses into manageable groupings.

Curriculums are one of the major features of Breeze 5 developed specifically to address customer feedback. Curriculums allow you to collect a variety of learning events, such as courses, meetings, and content into a single training program that you can manage easily. You can create folders to organize your training and use prerequisites to ensure your learners complete the material in the proper order. This article shows how easy it is to create a curriculum in Breeze 5.

You should think about the following considerations before you begin:

  • Make sure you are familiar with Breeze, especially navigating the Training folder, creating courses, and creating meetings. Learning about curriculums is easier if you already understand Breeze basics.
  • You should follow best practices to produce a training program. Managing multiple courses designed to satisfy one or more training objectives requires more organization to produce.
  • You should always have a separate login, which allows you to log in as a learner, to view your training from the learner’s perspective. For curriculums, this technique helps ensure the training you create makes sense to the learner.


To complete this tutorial, you must have the following:

  • Access to a Breeze server that you can safely use to create training
  • Some sample content, courses, and meetings to create sample curriculums
  • A basic understanding of Breeze and creating Breeze training, content, and meetings

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