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Creating Curriculums with Macromedia Breeze Training

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Curriculum basics

Breeze curriculums allow you to combine many courses and learning events into a single training. You can select any of the learning items you created in Breeze and organize them into groupings that make sense to your learners. You simply list the courses in the order you want your learners to follow. You can then enroll learners in the curriculum in the same way as enrolling in a course. When a learner clicks a curriculum link, a list of the items appears, in the order you specified. Figure 1 shows an example of curriculum created in Breeze 5.

The Mortgage Training curriculum

Figure 1. The Mortgage Training curriculum

The training in this article is based on the Experience Bank, which is a fictitious company the Breeze team created to discuss Breeze functionality. The training manager at the bank needs to teach employees how to sell mortgages to customers. The curriculum that appears in Figure 1 contains training created to meet this objective.

You see in the figure above that learners start the curriculum by taking a review course of mortgages. This course teaches the basics of mortgage terminology along with different types of mortgages. Then, the learners must complete the product training folder and the folder on selling mortgages. Each learner must complete the Mortgage Assessment item to ensure that the training was successful. After that, learners are encouraged to complete a feedback survey for the training team.

Now let’s see how to create curriculums in Breeze. Before you begin working with curriculums, you need sample courses to use in this tutorial. Log in to Breeze, and create a folder in your training folder called Curriculum Tutorial. You can create courses in that folder, using any previous uploaded content you wish, with the following names: Mortgage Review, New Mortgage Training, Using the Mortgage Calculator, Making the Pitch, Finding the Right Mortgage, and Training Survey.