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Creating Curriculums with Macromedia Breeze Training

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Creating a simple curriculum

You’re ready to create your first curriculum. Open the Curriculum Tutorial folder in the Macromedia Breeze Training application. Click the New Curriculum button to start the new Curriculum wizard. This wizard helps get you started with a curriculum by walking you through the following set-up process:

  1. In the Curriculum Name text box, enter Mortgage Training for the name of the curriculum.
  2. Click the Next button to show the Add Items step of the wizard. You use this step to add courses and meetings to a curriculum.
  3. Click the Add Course button to show the course selection interface.
  4. Navigate to your Curriculum Tutorial folder, and click the check box next to each course you want to add.
  5. Click the Add button to return to the wizard. All the courses you selected appear in the wizard.
  6. Click the Next button to go to the next page, and then click the Finish button to complete your first curriculum.

Your page should look similar to Figure 2 (but only a portion of the curriculum editing interface appears in the figure). The selected courses appear in the order they were added. You use the Curriculum Information page to change the order of items, add new ones, or remove ones that are no longer needed.

The Mortgage Training curriculum page

Figure 2. The Mortgage Training curriculum page

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Your curriculum items are listed on the left side of the Curriculum Info page. The right side of the page shows information about the currently selected item. You can observe this by selecting any of the courses in your curriculum. The name of the selected course appears on the right as well as its ID, summary, and other information. The buttons at the top affect the selected item; for example, by moving it up or down within the curriculum. Make sure you always remember to select the item on the left before making changes on the right!

When learners open a curriculum, they see a simple interface that shows the items necessary to complete the curriculum. Figure 3 shows the learner’s view of the curriculum from Figure 2 (again, only a portion of the interface appears). Learners see items they’ve completed, their score, and any other items they still need to complete.

The learner’s view of the Mortgage Training curriculum

Figure 3. The learner’s view of the Mortgage Training curriculum

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If you look back at the curriculum in Figure 2, can you see anything that might need to be fixed? You may not have noticed, but the current order has learners filling out a survey about their training program before they actually complete it. The survey should move to the end of the curriculum. Remember, the order in which items appear on the page determines the order that appears to learners as they complete the training. Changing the order is as easy as clicking the check box next to Training Survey and then clicking the Down arrow until the survey is at the end of the list. Use this technique and the Up and Down arrows to rearrange your curriculum to match the following order:

  1. Mortgage Review
  2. New Mortgage Training
  3. Using the Mortgage Calculator
  4. Making the Pitch
  5. Finding the Right Mortgage
  6. Training Survey

After your courses are listed in the proper order, you’re ready to enroll learners and view detailed reports to see how learners are performing.