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Creating Curriculums with Macromedia Breeze Training

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Prerequisites and completion

The default organization for a curriculum is a list of training items where each item must be taken for the curriculum to be complete. Learners will generally complete a program following this order. There are times when the order is important or even required for the learner to be successful. Imagine taking a course such as Using the Mortgage Calculator before learning the basis of mortgages in New Mortgage Training—that would be like requiring someone to use a calculator without knowing what the numbers mean.

Prerequisites help you control the flow of your curriculum so that learners do not take an item out of sequence. You can suggest an order to ensure learners are given a warning when going out of order. You can even hide certain items until all prerequisites are complete.

You set the prerequisite for an item in a curriculum by selecting it on the Curriculum Information page and then changing the Prerequisites setting on the right side of the page. When you select the item and click the Edit button in the Prerequisites section, all the previous items in the curriculum also appear on the right. Your choices for each prerequisite include the following three options:

  • Suggested – The learner receives a warning when accessing an item out of order.
  • Required – Learners must complete the prerequisites first.
  • Hidden – The learning item is hidden until the learner has completed all the prerequisites.

In our sample curriculum, if you want to ensure the learner understands mortgages before learning about the Mortgage Calculator, the learner would need to complete both the Mortgage Review and New Mortgage Training courses because you set these items as Required for the Using the Mortgage Calculator course, as shown in Figure 5.

The Mortgage Assessment determines learner completion

Figure 5. Prerequisites for Using the Mortgage Calculator

You can define exactly what training learners need to successfully complete by using completion requirements. For example, compliance testing may require that learners need to pass only an assessment of their skills. Courses and other training materials within the same curriculum might be listed primarily to help learners prepare for the test. Along with prerequisites, completion requirements ensure your learners correctly follow your training program.

You click the Edit button of the Completion Requirements section to specify what the learner must complete in a curriculum. Make sure you select the curriculum by clicking its name. After clicking the Edit button, you see a list of curriculum items with a pop-up menu so you can select the items that are required to complete the curriculum. There are also items that the learner can select at their discretion. In Figure 6, Mortgage Assessment is the only required course that learners must complete. A learner might, for example, be trained already and interested only in recertification, so the other courses might be needed only to pass the assessment.

The Mortgage Assessment determines learner completion

Figure 6. The Mortgage Assessment determines learner completion