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Engineered to get your teams all working together quickly and easily, our collaboration and web conferencing solutions are powerful productivity solutions designed with the end user in mind — both the technical and nontechnical end user.

Key components of our web conferencing and collaboration solutions include:

Acrobat Connect Professional web conferencing

A powerful web conferencing and real-time collaboration tool, Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Professional (formerly Macromedia® Breeze® Meeting) delivers secure screen sharing, multiperson video, whiteboarding, chat, Voice over IP, and more through virtually any browser.

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Solutions for web publishing

For on-demand collaboration of website development, nothing makes it easier on departments and teams than Adobe solutions for web publishing.

Customer success story

"Our non-IT users can actually import screenshots and put nice-looking graphics into web pages, while we can control the location, size, and compression of images site-wide… People throughout the organization have become part of the web publishing process. In fact, they are driving it."

Jim Damien

Web systems manager,
Alameda County Social Services Agency

Learn how the Alameda County Social Services Agency is saving US$250,000 per year using the Web Publishing System Government Edition.

Transform the way your first responders collaborate.

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