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Adobe Experience Manager Mobile


Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

This all-new capability of Adobe Experience Manager makes it easy to master mobile apps and deliver experiences that make a difference. Easily build and manage beautiful, engaging apps that tackle business challenges. Harness the power of Adobe Marketing Cloud for full integration and insights. And produce apps that change the way you do business — quickly and easily.

Experience Manager Sites


Template Editor
Empower your business users to create new templates, without having to code anything or rely on IT. Whether it’s for a website page or a responsive landing page, business users can quickly spin up new templates as needed and control page structure and layout.
Fluid Content
Create content that is free-form and modular, yet not tied to any template, and can flow seamlessly from one channel to another. Create content in any way you want and Experience Manager takes care of these fluid content fragments and variations, making sure they get delivered to the right channels.
Omni-search Experience
Search across everything in Experience Manager, including mobile or web content, digital assets, projects, and much more. Use search suggestions as you type, and spell-check to get to results faster than ever.
Experience Manager Screens
Deliver seamless experiences to your customers on all screens: desktops, tablets, phones, or in-venue screens. Manage your large-screen content like any
other, from one unified platform, and also have the ability to manage screen locations, channels, and specific displays. Assign interactive touch-optimized experiences to various locations and screens, and manage your large-screen installations with ease.

Adobe Target integration
Target entire digital experiences — not just segments and content. With the combined power of Experience Manager and Adobe Target, you can target across channels using predefined variables and business metrics. You can also create and manage audiences right from the Experience Manager interface and use A/B testing to fine-tune your content marketing efforts.

Experience Manager Assets


Brand Portal
Make approved assets available on demand to everyone — from internal teams to external agencies, partners, and resellers. A secure, custom-branded web portal makes it easy to search assets, select the right versions for specific channels, and put them to use immediately.
Asset Insights
Discover which assets are used most, where they’re used, and which ones are driving the most click-throughs — so you can build more successful campaigns. Search for high-performing assets and repurpose them in new channels, or use them to inspire future campaign creation.
Smart Search
Automatically add relevant metadata to assets so you can find them quickly and spend less time tagging. Use similarity search to find images that have similar qualities as a reference image, and take advantage of additional improvements including the ability to search across Experience Manager, receive search suggestions, and spell-check your search terms.
Interactive and shoppable media
Quickly create interactive lookbooks, video, or promotional banners with hotspots that map to product detail, lead gen forms, or buy buttons. Leverage out-of-the-box responsive and interactive Experience Manager viewer components to deliver content to any screen with drag-and-drop simplicity, or embed code on any web property.
Carousel Viewer
Create or modify rotating promotional banners without code, so you can bring campaign content to market faster and build more variations for testing and targeting. Simply drag and drop to add interactivity into images within the carousel, such as hotspots linking to product detail, and easily deliver the content to any screen.

Experience Manager Communities


Offer easy-to-use blog authoring for selected publish-side community members, including rich text editing, drag-and-drop support for inline pictures and videos, commenting tools, and scheduled publishing capabilities.
Create live and virtual events to bring individuals together on a particular topic and help build stronger communities. Allow members to easily create calendar items for their events, with support for member comments.
Facilitate knowledge-sharing through community-driven Q&A forums. Allow community members to ask and answer questions and elevate the best answers.
Reward individuals for their contributions within your community using our badging capabilities. Let members display badges based on their contributions, or assign badges to help identify members, such as the moderator, within the community.
Reliance on experts
Identify and recognize subject-matter experts within your community to help increase advocacy, engagement, and earned-media on your site. Set expertise area criteria using content-specific variables, and weight member expertise based on community credibility.
Educational resources
Help your community discover new educational content with searchable resource catalogs. Use improved assignment tracking to help members visually track their learning progress, due dates, and completions. And easily integrate coursework and other elements from learning performed in the field.
Community reports
Access out-of-the-box reports for common community functions, such as site traffic and content sentiment, so you can better understand the health and engagement of your community. Or create custom reports in Adobe Analytics and view them directly within the Experience Manager dashboard.

Experience Manager Forms


Form authoring editors
Leverage a set of new authoring tools designed for business users. Use the theme editor to launch out-of-the-box themes quickly or create your own branded theme. Add dynamic behavior to forms without coding or scripting using the visual rule editor. Or leverage the out-of-the-box charts component to visually represent complex data.
Enhanced mobile app support
Author forms once and deliver them across multiple channels, including apps built with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. With an enhanced forms app that now supports Microsoft and Surface tablets running Windows 8.1 in addition to iOS and Android, you can also increase real-time information access for field workers.
Simpler e-signatures
Add secure and legal e-signatures to form and document processes at any stage of the customer journey. Thanks to tighter integration with Adobe Document Cloud eSign services and a simplified user interface, your customers or employees can easily sign anytime, anywhere, from any device.
Enhanced analytics dashboard
Gain deeper insight into your conversion funnel with an out-of-the-box analytics dashboard. Integrated with Adobe Analytics, the dashboard includes new information on which browsers, operating systems, and languages your clients are using to view and submit forms and documents.
Form and document localization
Translate form and document content into multiple languages using integrated processes and tools, so you can reach and convert more prospects.

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