No two customers are alike. No problem.

Personalize, organize and deliver your cross-channel campaigns.



Break through the email clutter.

Create engaging campaigns with data, tools and real-time strategies

Cross-channel campaign orchestration

Using simple drag-and-drop icons, you can easily manage every aspect of your marketing campaigns, and then watch results in real time.

Integrated customer profile

Bring all the information you have about a customer — both online and offline — together in one place.

Targeted segmentation

Identify customers more effectively with integrated customer profiles and customized segments.

Contextual email marketing

Deliver uniquely relevant email experiences, coordinated with other channels — including offline.

Real-time interaction management

Use a centralized catalog to select and present personalized, relevant offers in an instant.

Operational reporting

Use intuitive and customizable reports to give you the insights you need and the next action you should take.








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