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Get personal. Gain loyal customers.
In media, broadcast, or entertainment, your audience is your lifeline. Finding new audiences, extending reach and brand loyalty is your challenge. To drive success through engagement, advertising and subscriptions you need a holistic view of your audience across all channels.


Deliver Real-Time, Personalized Experiences Across Channels.


Understanding the makeup of your audience helps you deliver targeted content, advertising and subscription offers based on characteristics like content affinity, consumption patterns or demographic data. You can then use these audience profiles to deliver dynamic ads with your content. To accomplish this, you need a robust platform for ad insertion and decisioning that seamlessly combine content and monetization into the video experience.




Adobe can help. Adobe Audience Manager collects all of your audience data and creates unified segments — so you can target the same people across digital channels (including mobile apps and OTT). Using these profiles, you can deliver video content with dynamically targeted ads on any screen through integration with Adobe Primetime.



Drive engagement with marketing automation.


Streamline your data and connect email, in-app messaging and notifications with your online and offline channels. You need to deliver automated campaigns triggered by an action — like video drop-off. In order to deliver the right experiences, at the right time, you need to map your user journey from first-time visitor to loyal fan.



Adobe can help. With Adobe Campaign, you can personalize and deliver automated campaigns across all of your channels. Using unified audience profiles from Adobe Audience Manager, you can segment and target your customers with precision. Combine data from both online and offline sources into a single, integrated customer profile to deliver relevant messages across channels. Deliver automated and triggered email campaigns using data segments. Monitor the performance of your cross-channel campaigns in one place.



The more you know, the better you’ll target.


Knowing if your content resonates with your audience is key to improving experiences and ultimately long-term relationships. You need to know how your audiences engage with your content and campaigns in order to create effective experiences that you can quickly change if something isn’t working. To increase engagement and monetization, you’ll need insights that provide a complete view of how individuals interact with content and advertising.





Adobe can help. With Adobe Target, it’s easy to test two versions of media campaigns to find out which is performing best. It lets you deliver personalized content based on real-time data — increasing your conversions while reducing your workload. You can also get real-time insights with Adobe Analytics. See what’s happening as your customers make decisions across the entire customer journey — from prospects to loyal viewers.


Deliver automated display ads to reach new audiences.


You need to deliver personal, targeted ads based on audience profiles and content interactions. It’s doable if you can automate the delivery of ads across search, display, and social.



Adobe Media Optimizer
Adobe can help. With Adobe Media Optimizer, you can acquire new audiences by automating delivery of relevant content —in real time — across digital channels. Plan, change, and track display ads for both web and mobile.


Get a detailed view of each and every user.

It’s important to get a comprehensive view of individual users, but you can’t combine PII and anonymous data. You need a solution that allows you to identify people who you can target across all of your channels and platforms.
Adobe Marketing Cloud Core Services
Adobe can help. With Adobe Core Services, you can see a complete, ever-expanding view of each user using authenticated and anonymous data. With access to a common profile across any Adobe solution, you can create more personal experiences.
You need to not only reach consumers across multiple channels and devices, you need to know them, so you can deliver the right content at the right time. Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you all the tools you need to get a better understanding of your audiences. Target the same customers on web, social, search, and mobile. Deliver video content with dynamically targeted ads. Personalize and deliver automated campaigns across all of your online and offline channels. Reach your high-value audiences in real time. With Adobe Marketing Cloud, you can deliver the right experience to every customer, every time.
Why Adobe.
Media, Broadcast and Entertainment companies need to form lasting, direct relationships with their audiences to monetize their content through subscriptions and advertising. Adobe Marketing Cloud allows media brands to deliver personalized, relevant and real time experience across all established and emerging channels.No one else offers such deep integration with analytics, data management, optimization, and personalization.
Add a little science to your marketing.
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Let data drive your experiences.

No matter the industry, data enhances your ability to engage customers. See how various industries benefit from data-driven marketing.