Test, Target,
Personalize, and

Most marketers want to test and target but don’t think they have the time, expertise, or tools. Adobe has simplified it to a click.

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What is Adobe Target?


Target makes it easy for you to create personalized digital experiences that deliver real results and revenue.


Adobe Target Standard


With an intuitive user interface and built-in best practices, you can quickly create A/B tests and confidently target content.


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Adobe Target Premium


With automated intelligence and an expanded optimization toolset, you can easily personalize crucial customer interactions in real time.


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Adobe Target capabilities.

Site optimization & targeting

Site optimization and targeting

Easily set up, test, and deliver targeted experiences to your visitor segments.


• A/B testing
• Marketer-driven targeting



Use self-learning algorithms to create deeper engagements and do better at cross-selling.


• Automated personalization
• Targeted recommendations

Mobile optimization and targeting

Mobile optimization and targeting

Increase mobile engagement and revenue with A/B testing and geolocation targeting.


• Mobile site targeting
• Mobile app optimization


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