Targeted, real-time display ads.


Intelligently retarget your most valuable customers by optimizing display ad campaigns to meet your goals. Adobe Media Optimizer uses unified campaign tracking and reporting, real-time bidding, impression-level decisioning abilities, attribution reporting and simulations, and integration with the top ad exchanges to help you meet display objectives.


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Features of display management

Managed performance

Let Adobe experts manage and optimize your display program to help you meet marketing goals and ROI objectives.

Audience targeting

Use reliable retargeting, data-reliant prospecting, and look-alike modeling to reach out to new and profitable audiences.

Extended reach

Adobe integrations with the leading industry ad exchanges such as Facebook and Google maximize your marketing reach.

Transparent pricing

Pay a fair fee to your display partners. Having full visibility into ad exchange media costs makes it easier for you to manage marketing ROI goals.

Real-time functionality

Take advantage of real-time impression-level modeling, bidding, cross-channel optimization, and forecast simulations.

Centralized management

Manage all of your advertising initiatives from one, centralized location.

Accurate attribution

Know the precise impact of your ads across display, search, and social with multichannel attribution reporting.

Ad creative

Plan, change, and track display ads for both web and mobile. Apply creative sequencing and premium ad tracking, and create expandable ads in real-time bidding.

Adobe Marketing Cloud integration

Enhance the strength and accuracy of forecast models with data from other Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

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