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Adobe Standards

From Adobe® PostScript® to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), Adobe has a tradition of establishing, supporting, and promoting standards. That tradition continues with our commitment to building technology solutions that embrace industry standards and meet customer requirements.

Adobe is an active member of key standards bodies, working groups, and industry associations that develop standards — including XML-based industry standards. We contribute ongoing resources and publish, review, and share technology.

Adobe's best-known standard is PDF, a fine example of innovation through standards. PDF is everywhere. It is a published specification that has become the de facto worldwide standard for a more secure and reliable way to distribute and exchange electronic documents. Adobe supports specific PDF versions that have been defined as open standards.

As a further innovation, Adobe developed the Intelligent Document Platform. Based on PDF and XML technologies, the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform helps enterprise organizations convert static documents to Intelligent Documents, and then integrate them with existing business processes.

Standards development and support


Learn about how Adobe develops and supports other standards, such as those for PostScript, SVG, JDF (US), and accessibility.

Adobe helps drive standards

Learn about Adobe's involvement in more than 35 standards organizations worldwide.

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