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  Dreamweaver CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3
Live View        
Reengineered with 64-bit architecture        
Starter templates        
Live Guides        
Element Quick View        
Live View Property Inspector        
Live Insert        
CSS Designer        
Site Management - Certificate Support        
Help Center        
Live Highlight        
Improved Code View        
Enhanced Fluid Grid Layout        
Sync Settings        
Edge Web Fonts        
Modern Platform Support        
jQuery UI Widget        
Streamlined HTML5 audio and video        
Faster HTML5 element insertion        
Improved FTP performance      
Enhanced jQuery Mobile support      
CSS3 transitions      
Updated Multiscreen Preview panel      
Integrated CMS support    
CSS Enable and Disable    
Enhanced support for Subversion    
PHP custom class code hinting    
Site-specific code hinting    
Enhanced CSS starter pages    
Simple site setup    
CSS3/HTML5 support    
jQuery Mobile integration    
Code hinting for Ajax and JavaScript frameworks  
Adobe Photoshop integration