Download a Developer or Trial Version for Free

You can download either the developer or trial version of JRun 4 in English, French, and Japanese.

Additional Downloads

JRun 4 Updater 6

Updater 6 contains the latest security, stability, and critical functionality updates for JRun 4 installations. The Updater checks for an existing installation and applies all the latest bug fixes, security patches, OEM updates, and hot fixes, without requiring administrators to copy individual files or modify individual configuration settings. This latest version of the Updater includes all fixes from prior JRun 4 releases.

JRun Updates

Download updates for specific JRun versions, editions, and platforms. You may install an update only if you have a valid license for the applicable version of the product that you have downloaded.

Purchase and Download JRun 3.1

Does your application environment require JRun Server 3.1? For a limited time, JRun Server 3.1 Professional, Advanced, and Enterprise editions are still available for purchase.

Macromedia ClusterCATS

Macromedia ClusterCATS is clustering technology that provides load-balancing and failover services to assure high availability for your web servers. ClusterCATS lets you cluster distributed servers into a single, high-performance, highly available environment of web server resources. ClusterCATS is only available for use by licensed Adobe JRun 4 customers and requires a valid JRun 4 serial number to install.

JRun 4 Software Developer Kit (SDK)

Available for advanced JRun users at ISVs and corporate accounts who want more granular control over JRun installation and configuration. The SDK allows you to modify the JRun 4 installer to exclude certain components, perform a "silent install" of JRun 4, automatically connect JRun 4 to web servers, and modify and extend the JRun Management Console (JMC).

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