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Adobe JRun for Mac OS X Unveiled

JRun 4 is the first commercial J2EE compatible application server to support Mac OS X. Currently used at more than 10,000 companies worldwide, JRun 4 is the fast, affordable, and reliable solution for delivering Java applications. JRun 4 for Mac OS X is immediately available for purchase from the Macromedia Online Store.

Adobe JRun 4 Delivers Fast, Affordable, and Reliable J2EE Compatible Platform

Macromedia today announced the immediate availability of Adobe JRun 4, the latest release of Macromedia's Java application server focused on providing a fast, reliable J2EE 1.3 compatible platform.

Macromedia Recognized as Java Leader; Selected as JavaOne Platinum Sponsor

Macromedia announced the immediate availability of the JRun Enterprise Deployment Wizard, a tool designed to help Java programmers integrate the Adobe JRun Server with their preferred development environments to create distributed J2EE applications.

Adobe JRun Achieves Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.3 Compatibility

Macromedia announced that Adobe JRun, the company's Java technology based application server, has successfully passed Sun Microsystems' comprehensive Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.3 test suite to achieve Sun's J2EE 1.3 compatible brand.

Macromedia Elected to Java Community Process(SM) Executive Committee

Macromedia was elected by members of the Java community to serve a three-year term to the committee that will shape the future of the Java(TM) 2 Platform, Standard and Enterprise Editions. The 16-member committee makes key decisions concerning Java technology specifications as they progress through the JCP program.


Industry analysts and experts agree, JRun 4 delivers technology innovation, full-featured capabilities and affordability to the J2EE application server market.


Drew Falkman

"At around $900, this application server offers not only all of the features you would expect from a J2EE application server, but a host of other features and advantages for both developers and administrators, including an easy-to-use Web Services engine. Having used JRun in the past, I will say that JRun 4 is the most exciting release of this product by far... I believe that much of the competition (IBM, BEA, etc.) offers way more than developers and administrators need ??? and at a significant cost. Adobe JRun 4 is as Macromedia claims: a simple, fast and inexpensive J2EE server with all of the necessary features to handle 95% of J2EE applications."

Patricia Seybold Group

Sue Aldrich
Boston, MA

"People who design and develop Web-based applications are very interested in what Macromedia is doing with Web Services. Macromedia has been on the front lines of Web application development, with millions of users of its Web development tools."

Forrester Research

Chris Dial
Cambridge, MA

"JRun 4.0 gives developers tight integration with ColdFusion, Dreamweaver and Flash??tools that help design great user experiences."


Rich Karpinski
Manhasset, N.Y

"[JRun] has caught the attention of some enterprise users, including Bank of America, Bass Hotels, FedEx and General Motors...developers can use it for dynamic Web pages and enterprise-class development."


Michael Calore
Waltham, MA

"Not only is it a place to let your stable of J2EE applications run free, but it's also built for Flash MX front-end connectivity, Java Server Pages, and all the cutest Java APIs."


Amy Newman
Darien, CT

"Like the MX product family, JRun 4 is focused on enabling users to create rich Internet applications."

"'One of the best things we found with JRun is it's strictly compliant with J2EE 1.3..Improved management and control in Version 4 boosts the ability to deploy objects and components."


Chanan Braunstein
Norwich, NY

"One customer who tested JRun 4 before its release was pleased with the product...The clustering support will boost both the performance and the uptime of Knovel's Web servers, which handle more data than the average Web site."

Aberdeen Group

Gordon Benett
Boston, MA

"Unique among J2EE 1.3-certified application servers, Adobe JRun 4 combines near-open source pricing with industry-leading manageability and performance to deliver the ideal e-Business platform. JRun's new JMX service-based architecture enables fine-grained, standards-based management to assure high application availability and extensibility. Also featuring Macromedia's innovative symmetric clustering technology, based on Jini, JRun offers enterprise-class robustness in an approachable, affordable package. "

Doculabs, Inc.

David Homan
Chicago, IL

"While most of the large application server vendors have set their sites squarely on the high-end enterprise market, Macromedia, with its JRun 4.0 product, has taken a more grassroots approach by focusing on the typically underserved application developers in the middle market. Priorities for middle market organizations include ease of use, openness, integration with their tools of choice, and price point. In these areas, JRun 4.0 delivers."

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Jim Waldo
Santa Clara, California

"JRun leverages the dynamic nature of Jini network technology to provide powerful J2EE clustering technology that is very easy for developers to employ. Using Jini technology, JRun has created an elegant, peer-based mechanism for services such as Enterprise JavaBeans to discover and collaborate with one another. I am pleased to see Macromedia taking advantage of the adaptive qualities of Jini technology, enabling JRun to provide enhanced productivity, performance, and flexibility for developers."


Codie Award

Best Web Services / EAI Solution

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