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Showcase site of the day archive : December 2000

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23 REWIND2000

Relive the sights and sounds of 2000 through the top stories of the year, as brought to you by ABC News. Designers used Macromedia Flash 5 to bring users sound bites, images, and a richly interactive experience.

designed by:



Explore six different emotions from the film Traffic through complex interactivity and animation. Designers created the site with Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and SoundEdit 16.

designed by:


Rumpets for Reindeer

Enjoy a magical, ethnically diverse tale of how Santa's reindeer fly. Animated with Macromedia Flash.

designed by:
Cool:i:mania Productions, Inc.



For design house digitalorganism, it's all about the process of evolution. Designers use Macromedia Flash, Fireworks, and SoundEdit 16 to fuel their lab experiments.

designed by:


Manhattan Timeformations

A combination of 3D computer models and Macromedia Flash 5 enabled an architect and designers to depict the dynamic relationships between Manhattan's skyscrapers and other layers of urban information.

designed by:
Brian McGrath and Mark Watkins


Milko Music Machine

Swedish dairy company Milko created this hilarious entertainment site to help promote its products. Use the video mixer to help make the mountain cow a rock star! (Created with Macromedia Director.)

designed for:


The Life and Works of Gustav Klimt

Explore Gustav Klimt's history, drawings, and paintings. Designers used Macromedia Flash to create an elegant user interface and to zoom in for detail on Klimt's paintings.

designed by:
Russell Design Associates


Burma: Grace Under Pressure

Photojournalism meets Macromedia Flash. Award-winning documentary photographer Geoffrey Hiller tells the story of Burma's struggle for democracy.

designed by:
Geoffrey Hiller


The Remedi Project, Fall 2000

The Remedi Project is back with the 2000 Fall Exhibition. In addition to beautiful new work from this season's artists, the site also includes many new features and advanced use of Macromedia Flash 5.

designed by:
Josh Ulm


Capitol Ill

And the election circus continues! Yesterday's court ruling may be enough to keep you laughing--but JibJab's political rap will have you rolling on the floor. Designers created the site with Macromedia Flash.

designed by:
JibJab Media, Inc.


Audi A4

Want a closer look at the design, mechanics, and safety of the new Audi A4? Designers used Macromedia Flash 5 to take you inside the car.

designed by:


Unwrapped: The Mysterious World of Mummies

From China's Lady Cheng to the bog people of northern Europe, mummies offer fascinating insights to our past. This site uses the advanced interactive features in Macromedia Flash 5 (along with Dreamweaver and SoundEdit 16) to tell their stories.

designed by:
Second Story



Digit London used Macromedia Flash and FreeHand to create a uniquely gorgeous site for MTV2 that balances cutting-edge design with intuitive navigation.

designed by:
Digit London


Get immersed in the official site of Florida's "Truth" anti-tobacco campaign. Designers used Macromedia Dreamweaver and the scripting abilities in Macromedia Flash 5 to create a unique navigation experience.

designed by:


Once Upon A Forest

A collection of purposeful confusion and delightful experimentation, Once Upon a Forest is Joshua Davis's Macromedia Flash playground. Take a look at the new composition for December.

designed by:
Joshua Davis


The Endurance

The Endurance showcases the work of Frank Hurley, whose unprecedented record of the ship's failed 1915 Antarctic journey transformed expedition photography. Designers used Macromedia Flash to help bring the story to life.

designed by:
Second Story Interactive Studios