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April 2003 Site of the Day Archive

4/30 The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society uses Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and ColdFusion MX to create a new site with improved navigation and features, as well as a browser-based content management system.

Developed by: Fig Leaf Software, Inc. and PaperThin (Macromedia Alliance Partner)

4/29 Yakima

Using Macromedia Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX to redesign its site, Yakima clearly illustrates the benefits of its technical line of sporting-rack systems.

Developed by: AD2

4/26 Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's uses Macromedia MX products to redesign their website for improved navigation, reduced clutter, and easier site updates.

Developed by: Ben & Jerry's Web Team

4/25 BBC News: Iraq War

BBC News uses Macromedia Flash MX to deliver essays, profiles, history, and videos that highlight key moments in the war in Iraq.

Developed by: Jon Kossmann, BBC News Interactive

4/24 Projector Studio

Projector Studio uses Macromedia Flash to deliver a unique user interface to showcase its multimedia artist's portfolios.

Developed by: Projector Studio

4/23 Pixeltees

Using Macromedia Director, Pixeltee enables its online visitors to draw their own T-shirt designs, which they can then purchase or sell online.

Developed by: Clay Ferguson and, Alan Watts

4/22 Shinobi

With Macromedia Flash MX, Random Media promotes the PlayStation 2 version of the classic Shinobi arcade game by featuring a unique handwriting-recognition user interface.

Developed by: Random Media

4/19 Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Ship Jobs uses Macromedia Flash MX to deliver an interactive job portal where job seekers post resumes and find openings on various cruise lines.

Developed by: Thomas P. Culver Enterprises and Entheos Interactive

4/18 Kodak Top 10 Tips

Kodak uses Macromedia Flash MX to deliver interactive lessons online that show people how to take better photos.

Developed by: Euro RSCG Interaction and

4/17 Diebold Opteva

Diebold Opteva uses Macromedia Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX to deliver animation, audio, video, and interactive product information about its line of automated teller machines.

Developed by: The Carson Group

4/16 BT Openworld

BT Openworld uses Macromedia Studio MX to deliver a portal for its broadband subscribers that provides Macromedia Flash video and a personalized feel.

Developed by: Lightmaker (Macromedia Alliance Partner)

4/15 SAAB 9-3 Aero

Saab uses Macromedia Flash to deliver an uncluttered interactive site to promote the launch of the new 9-3 Aero, which uses XML feeds to localize the same content into 18 different languages.

Developed by: Lowe Tesch

4/12 CBC Home Delivery

The CBC uses Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX to deliver the best of radio, television, and local content to subscriber's desktops each week.

Developed by: CBC Radio 3

4/11 Lily's Jewelry

Lily's Jewelry uses Macromedia Flash to deliver an online store that enables users to easily size, match, and even customize jewelry pieces online.

Developed by: Henry Kuo

4/10 purveslab.NET

Dr. Dale Purves of the department of neurobiology at Duke University Medical Center uses Macromedia Flash MX to share research ideas and findings regarding visual perception in an interactive, highly graphical, and easily accessible site.

Developed by: Pyramis Studios, Inc.

4/9 Cisco Systems ExecNet

Cisco Systems uses Macromedia Flash MX to deliver its ExecNet multimedia broadband series, which features videos of its executives speaking about the Internet, the industry, and networking within an animated presentation.

Developed by: Design Reactor Inc.

4/8 Kid Building

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America use Macromedia Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX to deliver an online Club Calculator that enables visitors to plan future clubs by estimating staffing needs, facility size, and cost estimates.

Developed by: The Media Kitchen

4/5 Absolut Vodka

Absolut uses Macromedia Flash MX to deliver a redesigned site that features an interactive experience combining audio and video.

Developed by: Springtime, Pixshift and Projector

4/4 The Beatles Anthology

Macromedia Flash MX enables The Beatles Anthology website to deliver a video-enhanced promotional site that mirrors the embedded menus in the band's upcoming DVD series.

Developed by: Outside Line

4/3 The Tree

Sweden's Hyper Island School of New Media Design uses Macromedia Flash MX to grow "The Tree," an interactive internship portfolio for its students.

Developed by: Crew8 and Hyper Island

4/2 CBC: A Look At Pain

As a companion to its documentary, "A Disease Called Pain," the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation uses Macromedia Flash MX to deliver a site that delivers resources using sound and rich images.

Developed by: CBC TV A&E New Media

4/1 IKEA Richmond

To open its largest store in the southern hemisphere, IKEA turned to Macromedia Flash MX to deliver an interactive site that conveys both its brand and product range.

Developed by: Amnesia Group (Macromedia Alliance Partner)