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May 2003 Site of the Day Archive

5/31 The Memorial Tournament

The Memorial Tournament uses Macromedia Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX to deliver an interactive PGA event site with real-time scoring, video clips, and daily updates.

Developed by: Synnapps

5/30 Full Sail

Full Sail revamped its site using Macromedia Flash MX, ColdFusion MX, Dreamweaver MX, and Macromedia Flash Remoting MX to deliver a rich, video-enhanced tour of its course offerings. Through web services, the new site can be managed more effectively, and has increased the average visit length to 10 minutes while tripling information requests.

Developed by: Wiretree and Full Sail's Platinum Creative team

5/29 The Legend of Zelda

Nintendo uses Macromedia Flash MX to promote The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, its latest video game in the beloved series. Macromedia Flash MX provides the site's entire immersive experience, while featuring video clips from the game itself.

Developed by: Second Story Interactive Studios

5/28 UK Style

UK Style uses Macromedia ColdFusion MX to deliver a data-driven community site to augment its television channel offerings.

Developed by: UKTV / Emojo Ltd

5/24 View The Wall

Macromedia JRun and Macromedia Flash MX enable site visitors to search for the names of people who died in the Vietnam War, and see high-resolution, navigable scans of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Developed by: Zoomify

5/23 Benjamin Moore Canada

Benjamin Moore Canada uses Macromedia Flash MX, Macromedia Flash Remoting MX, and Macromedia Fireworks MX to deliver an interactive scrapbook where visitors can combine accent colors, clips, and fabrics to build the perfect room.

Developed by: Organic Toronto (Macromedia Alliance Partner)

5/22 ADD Inc.

ADD Inc. uses Macromedia Flash MX, Macromedia ColdFusion MX, and Macromedia Flash Remoting MX to deliver a sleek portfolio site for this architectural, interior, and graphic design firm.

Developed by: ADD Inc.

5/21 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

Pepperidge Farm uses Macromedia Flash MX and Macromedia FreeHand to deliver an interactive animated site that reflects the Goldfish branding with games and information.

Developed by: (Macromedia Alliance Partner)

5/20 Virgin Music Canada

Virgin Music Canada uses Macromedia Flash MX, Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX, Macromedia Flash Remoting MX, Dreamweaver MX, and Fireworks MX to deliver an easy-to-update site that highlights new artists—while increasing traffic by 400%.

Developed by: EMI Music Canada New Media Team and Dora Kyriakopoulos

5/17 Rush Around the Roundabout

The MINI intenational website uses Macromedia Director Shockwave Studio to deliver a cheeky 3D "brand game," where online users drive an animated MINI Cooper S around a roundabout and interact with other motorists.

Developed by: escape GmbH and fiftyeight3D GmbH

5/16 Sandals Resorts

Sandals & Beaches Resorts use Macromedia ColdFusion MX and Dreamweaver MX to create the resort site's dynamic applications, which include virtual tours, booking information, a wedding planner, an e-mail tracking system, and photo slide shows.

Developed by: Sandals New Media Department

5/15 Volvo Construction Equipment Walkaround

Volvo Construction Equipment uses Macromedia Flash MX as its presentation layer to deliver interactive information and video about its construction equipment.

Developed by: Doberman

5/14 Avoiding Armageddon

The online companion site to the PBS documentary "Avoiding Armageddon" uses Macromedia Flash MX to educate the public about the global locations of weapons of mass destruction.

Developed by: Starpoint Solutions

5/13 Destination Orbitz

Orbitz uses Macromedia Flash MX to augment their Destination Orbitz television advertising campaign and give users more information about its team of travel experts.

Developed by: Otherwise Inc.

5/10 Walking on the Moon

Smithsonian Education uses Macromedia Flash to deliver an interactive presentation of the Apollo 11 mission that features video and audio content.

Developed by: AKQA

5/9 SC Johnson 2003 Public Report

Global consumer-product manufacturer SC Johnson now delivers its public report online and on CD-ROM (using Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Director Shockwave Studio respectively) to show its environmental commitment by reducing paper and energy use.*Note: the link to the 2003 public report is listed under "Company Information."

Developed by: RSC Communication Design

5/8 PodPop

PodPop uses Macromedia Flash MX and ColdFusion MX to walk users through the features of its development framework, which simplifies the creation of Rich Internet Applications with Macromedia MX products.

Developed by: Y-THREE inc. (Macromedia Alliance Partner)

5/7 Xbox Live

Microsoft uses Macromedia Flash MX to deliver video content that shows off the broadband features of its new system.

Developed by: AKQA

5/6 adidas a³

Adidas uses Macromedia Flash MX to deliver a global product site for its new state-of-the-art a³ shoe. Using the XML support in Macromedia Flash MX, one file set delivers content in 16 different languages.

Developed by: Foreign Advertising and Perfect Fools

5/3 Robbie Williams

With Macromedia Flash MX, Robbie Williams delivers an interactive site featuring streaming audio and video content to promote his latest album.

Developed by: KNI

5/2 DNP

The Dai Nippon Printing Group uses Macromedia MX products to deliver a Rich Internet Application enabling businesses to quickly find online the correct thermal transfer printer ribbons.

Developed by: MindComet (Macromedia Alliance Partner)

5/1 uses such Macromedia products as Macromedia Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, Contribute, Fireworks MX, and FreeHand MX to build a community site for Macromedia MX developers who create sites with Microsoft .NET technologies.

Developed by: Valerio Fornito