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September 2003 Site of the Day Archive

9/30 Ford F-150 Launch Module

If you can't make it into the dealer to see the latest Ford F-150, this site, built with Macromedia Flash, is the next best thing. Check out the interior fly-throughs and modular content design.

Developed by: J. Walter Thompson-Digital Detroit and 2Advanced (Macromedia Alliance Partner)

9/29 WWF - The Nature Audit

The World Wildlife Fund recently published a Nature Audit on Canada's conservation needs, and uses Macromedia Flash MX to compress a lot of information within an interactive mapping application.

Developed by: epiculture inc.

9/26 uses Macromedia Flash and Fireworks to deliver interactive tutorials that teach the art of vocal beatboxing.

Developed by: BZ Productions and Berry Blanton

9/25 Saskatchewan Stories

Using Macromedia Flash, Saskatchewan Learning delivers an educational resource that covers the Grade 4 Saskatchewan social studies curriculum using stories, interactive maps, archival drawings and photos, and streaming video.

Developed by: Adria Interactive Multimedia

9/24 IBM Forward View

IBM uses Macromedia Flash MX to deliver Showmail, an online newsletter containing interactive customizable content.

Developed by: IQ Television group

9/23 Game Day Experience

The Denver Broncos use Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, and Flash Remoting MX to deliver Game Day Experience, an interactive forum for Broncos fans who are viewing the game from home.

Developed by: Creation Chamber (Macromedia Alliance Partner)

9/20 Eaves Movie Ranch

The J. W. Eaves Movie Ranch, located in New Mexico and where many popular movies were filmed, uses Macromedia Flash to promote itself online as a vacation destination.

Developed by: Gabe Rubin

9/18 Unity 2

Developer Colin Moock uses Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004 to build a development framework for creating multiuser business and experimental Flash applications.

Developed by: Colin Moock and Derek Clayton

9/17 Fundamentals of Communications

Alcatel uses Macromedia Flash to deliver an interactive presentation that provides an overview of data, voice, and converged communications.

Developed by: Andrew Harbert - Alcatel

9/16 fcuk fragrance

French Connection uses Macromedia Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX to deliver an integrated identity and commerce site for its new fragrance line.

Developed by: Firstborn (Macromedia Alliance Partner)

9/13 Subaru Primal Quest

Subaru Primal Quest Adventure Race uses Coldfusion 6.0.1 to deliver real time event coverage and drive dynamic data from multiple sources into a Flash interface.

Developed by: ISITE Design, Inc (Macromedia Alliance Partner)

9/12 Wilson Jones

Wilson Jones uses Macromedia Flash MX and Fireworks MX to deliver an interactive site to attract a targeted teen market to its school supplies.

Developed by: EMAGINEIT, LLC (Macromedia Alliance Partner)

9/11 RBK Whodunit?

The Reebok RBK Whodunit? site uses Macromedia Flash MX to enable users to help solve investigations while uniting its online campaign with print and TV ads.

Developed by: Zugara

9/10 Audi A8 L

Using audio, video and interactivity, Audi educates web savvy consumers about the "the world's most intelligently designed car"

Developed by: Enlighten

9/9 Nefertiti Resurrected used Macromedia Flash to deliver video footage and stand-alone web content to augment their channel programming.

Developed by: Pat Kelly

9/6 Go Maps

Go Maps uses Macromedia Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX to deliver an interactive Red Sea area map with street and destination information that enables tourists and surfers to better plan their trips.

Developed by:

9/5 2003 Environmental Excellence Awards

The Federal Highway Administration uses Dreamweaver to deliver a site for the 2003 Environmental Excellence Awards that balances their desire for an accessible site without sacrificing visual appeal.

Developed by: Veridian IT Services, INDUS Corporation

9/4 Bon Appetit!

The National Museum of American History uses Macromedia Studio MX to deliver "Bon Appétit: Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian," an interactive online companion to the museum exhibit.

Developed by: New Tilt

9/3 Camper Shoes

Camper Shoes uses Macromedia Flash to deliver its new website that features a shoe finder, store locator, magazine, and e-shop, all of which reflect the company's image, design, and creativity.

Developed by: Camper, IconMediaLab and WYSIWYG