Assets on demand.

Assets on demand is a SaaS platform that combines digital asset management with the dynamic media technology from Scene7 to give you a next-generation tool to manage rich media from creation to delivery.
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See how to put asset on demand and rich media into action.

Get an up-close look at how you can use assets on demand to make your business quick on its feet, and more relevant to your customers.

Improve engagement with customers.

Dynamic media

Work with a single set of assets and serve unlimited variations, optimized for mobile and customized for size, color, format zoom, spin, and interactive hotspots.


Increase conversion with adaptive and responsive video players that stream content to any device, allowing your customers to easily share and publish to YouTube and experience relevant, clickable calls to action.

Personalized media

Provide personalization options with visual tools that give your customers the freedom to create, mix and match, customize and visually preview choices before they buy.

Adobe Creative Cloud integration

Bridge your creative and marketing workflows, and deliver consistent, quality experiences with ease.

Metadata management

Automatically assign metadata and tags to every asset, and instantly create shareable and self-updating collections across teams.

Shoppable media

Quickly create interactive look books, video, or promotional banners with hotspots that map to product details and buy buttons.

Learn how to use media effectively.

Easily create, manage and deliver a variety of rich media assets.

Take advantage of dynamic imaging, video, visual configurators and more.

Verizon Wireless enhances customer experiences with dynamic video delivered using Experience Manager.

Create once. Deliver anywhere.

Responsive design guide.