Adobe to acquire Virtual Ubiquity

Adobe signed a definitive agreement to acquire Virtual Ubiquity and its groundbreaking online word processor, Buzzword. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The acquisition will further Adobe's leadership in rich internet application (RIA) development and enable fundamental improvements in how people collaborate on documents. Adobe plans to invest in Buzzword, leveraging the Adobe® AIR™ runtime and integrating the application with Adobe's existing online document collaboration services, including: Create Adobe PDF Online to easily create PDF files online or from the desktop; Adobe Document Center to help people retain control of documents and track their usage; and Adobe Acrobat® Connect™ software for affordable web conferencing.

How can I try out Buzzword?
You can sign up for a beta account to preview the service and provide feedback. Invitations to use the service are limited during the preview period, but the team is continuously expanding the audience of users over time.
Why is Adobe acquiring Virtual Ubiquity?
Adobe believes in the value of high-quality document authoring and the power of working together more efficiently. Virtual Ubiquity's Buzzword not only delivers a rich authoring and collaboration environment but also exemplifies Adobe's vision for RIA development.
What is Virtual Ubiquity? What is the company known for?
Virtual Ubiquity is an 11-person startup in the Boston area made up of industry veterans from companies including Lotus, Interleaf, eRoom, AT&T Interchange, and Intuit. Founded in 2005, the company built Buzzword with Adobe Flex™ software.
What will happen to the employees of Virtual Ubiquity?
Employees of Virtual Ubiquity will become Adobe employees and will remain a closely knit team working from Adobe's Newton, Massachusetts, office.
Virtual Ubiquity was an Adobe investment portfolio company. How much has Adobe invested in Virtual Ubiquity to date (before the acquisition)?
The terms of prior financing are not being disclosed.
What is Buzzword?
Buzzword is a web-based, highly collaborative word processor built on the ubiquitous Adobe Flash® platform, including prototype support for Adobe AIR to allow for offline work. Buzzword stores files online so they are available in a single repository for document collaboration.
What file formats does Buzzword support?
Buzzword currently imports and exports Rich Text Format (RTF) files, Microsoft Word DOC files, and Word 2003 XML files. Adobe plans to add support for standard open file formats such as PDF, Open Document Format (ODF), and others over time.
How long has Buzzword been available?
Buzzword has been in limited preview since May 2007, with users in more than 50 countries.
How will Buzzword be integrated with Adobe's other online document services?
Buzzword will integrate with Adobe's document services in stages. The first step is to extend support for PDF output and gradually integrate with future releases of Acrobat Connect, Create Adobe PDF Online, and Adobe Document Center.