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Macromedia is motivated by the belief that great experiences build great businesses.

Great experiences are hard to quantify, but we all know when we are having them. They are the memorable events that give shape to our lives.

We believe that technology has reached a point in enabling the digital world to move beyond function towards great experiences - experiences that can complement and even compete with those of the physical world.

Join us on this journey to explore what great experiences are, how they deliver better business results, and how to create them.

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Experience Flash Video

Flash Video Gallery

See how 36 companies such as Ben and Jerry's and IBM create distinctive customer experiences integrating video right into their site designs.

Flash Video Gallery

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Volvo: Moved by Flash Video

Go behind the scenes of the Volvo V50 website, and take an exciting ride through the design possibilities of Flash Video.


See how Volvo used Flash Video ›

Experience Online Communications

Breeze Meeting Experience

Get a guided tour of a Breeze Meeting – and see how web conferencing can be smooth, effortless, and enjoyable.


Experience a demo of Breeze Meeting ›

Experience Mobile

Mobile & Devices Gallery

See the latest, greatest mobile applications and get inspired to create content for this growing market.

Mobile & Devices Gallery

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Case Study: THEmedia

See how THEmedia used Flash Lite and Flash MX Professional 2004 to protoype and deploy three highly branded mobile phone interfaces.

Case Study: THEMedia

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Experience Rich Internet Applications

Flex Application Examples

Bring your company's e-commerce and data visualization experiences into the new century – see what a Flex application can do.

Flex Application Examples

Take a look at Flex application examples ›

Ofoto, Inc.

Learn how Ofoto, Inc. launched a new product offering and used Flex to create the application interface for users configuring their own photo book.

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Ofoto, Inc.

Visit the Ofoto site ›


Investigate how Brocade consolidated, highly visual view of data in a dashboard format to improve understanding of sales performance.

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View demoTry it ›

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Try the Brocade example application ›

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Experience Matters:
Executive Commentary

Al Ramadan

It is because of your amazing work that we've come to the simple truth that should lead all of us, as members of the digital community, in all that we do. What is this truth...?

The Business Impact of Rich Internet Applications

The Business Impact of Rich Internet Applications

See how Rich Internet Applications deliver a better experience, how they improve business results and how they fit in to your existing technology strategy.

The Essence of Effective Rich Internet Applications

Kevin Mullet

Providing a better customer experience for users of interactive software can increase revenues. This paper identifies the four essential qualities that define the new benchmark for interactive experiences.

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