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There's a multi-screen revolution happening that's transforming the way we do business. We've partnered with some of the world's leading companies to help them provide richer customer experiences—improving the impact of their communications, enhancing their brands, and ultimately bringing them greater business success. See how we're shaping the future of digital experiences.

Adobe & MTV Networks

Online Marketing Suite

So what exactly is digital optimization? That's a fancy way of saying you'll get maximum bang for your buck on every square inch of your site.

With 150 channels and more than 300 interactive properties, MTV Networks doesn't just reflect popular culture—they shape it. Using the measurement capabilities of the Adobe® Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture® technology, MTV Networks can now successfully measure interactions and optimize the experience users have with mobile and video content so the entertainment company can serve up the most relevant and profitable content to fans around the globe.


Adobe & T-Mobile

Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management is designing your business around the way customers want to do business. Giving them what they want, when they want it—wherever they want it.

Consistently ranked number one in customer service, T-Mobile is one of the world's leading mobile communications companies. We worked with T-Mobile to arm the company's frontline sales and service representatives with the tools they need to give customers a great experience time after time. Leveraging T-Mobile's existing technology infrastructure, we found a simpler way to access customer information. Our customer experience management solutions helped T-Mobile minimize training and significantly reduce system complexity. Now T-Mobile frontline employees can spend more time with customers and less time with the system—which all leads to a better customer experience in T-Mobile stores and call centers. As T-Mobile representatives maximize the value of every customer interaction, they transform their customers into loyal brand advocates and get a significant return on investment.


Adobe & Martha Stewart Living

Digital Publishing Suite

Publishers around the world are realizing they need to embrace the digital age. Adobe is helping them transform how they create and deliver their content, giving their audiences compelling, media-rich experiences wherever they go, on whichever devices they prefer.

When Martha Stewart launched her iconic magazine in a new digital format, Adobe was there. The new iPad™ edition of Martha Stewart Living, developed with Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite, pushes the boundaries of print with immersive content and a digital, interactive experience. As a result, Martha can nurture an even closer relationship with her readers.

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