Join a great discussion about audio in our new home

As you know, Adobe Systems Incorporated acquired Syntrillium Software in May 2003. As of today, August 18, 2003, the Adobe rebranded release of Cool Edit Pro — now called Adobe® Audition™ — is available.

The Syntrillium user forums have moved to the Adobe user-to-user forums, and we hope you'll join us there to continue to be a part of the community that we all hold so dear to our hearts.

To make it easy to pick up where we left off, all the discussions from the Syntrillium forums have been transferred into the new Adobe user-to-user forums, and all of the posts and discussions from the past are still available. In short, the precious archives that we've all spent years creating, developing and refining will continue and serve as a powerful resource for all audiophiles. So my friends, don't delay... click here to visit the new forums.

We have always valued this strong community, and we very much hope that all of you will come along and join us in our new location. We have worked hard to make the new forums as much of a home as the old forums were, and while they may take a few days to get used to, we’re confident that it’s only a matter of time before you all find “the comfy chair” (as always, a gratuitous nod to 60s Brit TV/Cinema!).

Happy posting and Recording! ;-)
Syntrillium M.D. and the Cool Edit and Adobe Audition teams

P.S. I'll be appearing as Audition M.D. starting today. I look forward to seeing you there, and stay tuned...

Adobe provides full support for Adobe Audition. Support for Syntrillium products is provided through the Adobe knowledgebase and user-to-user forums.
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