About Adobe accounts
About Adobe accounts survey
What is an Adobe ID?
To sign in to the Adobe Store, you must create an Adobe ID. Each time you sign in with your ID, Adobe will recognize you as a unique Adobe user. The ID isn't just for the Adobe Store. You can also use it to sign in to Adobe Studio.
Why do I need to have an Adobe ID?
By becoming an Adobe Member, you open an account in the Adobe Store. This account lets you store your address and shipping information, view your product order history, and view the versions and serial numbers of all registered products.
What are the benefits of being an Adobe Member?
You can track your Adobe product information and your order history online, your name and address will automatically be updated in our records when you make Adobe Store purchases, and you can be automatically notified of new Adobe products, upgrades, and future Adobe activities. You are also able to manage your subscriptions to online services. For a complete list of Adobe Member benefits, please see our benefits page.
How do I edit my Adobe Member account information?
To update your Adobe Member account information, such as, address, phone number, and e-mail address, to register Adobe products, or to change your Adobe ID and password, please select your account from the Adobe navigation menu bar.
What if my Adobe Member account information doesn't show all of my products?
If you own an Adobe product and that product does not appear in your Adobe Member account information under Your Account, please contact us.