Acrobat Connect (hosted)

Acrobat Connect is no longer available.

The Acrobat Connect hosted online meeting service has been discontinued as of June 15th, 2010. We are instead concentrating our efforts on our leading web conferencing solutions, Adobe Connect Pro and Adobe ConnectNow. All of the core features from Connect have been included in Adobe ConnectNow. For a comparison of all Adobe web conferencing subscriptions, please refer to the Compare Adobe Connect Pro and Adobe ConnectNow page.

Please note: Adobe's enterprise web conferencing and eLearning solution, Adobe Connect (formerly known as Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro) is unaffected and will continue.

If you are a meeting participant:

Please contact your meeting organizer for updated information on your meeting.

If your an Acrobat Connect User:

We encourage our valued Acrobat Connect users to transition to Adobe ConnectNow.

Contact Adobe Customer Support at 800-833-6687 for assistance on transitioning your subscription to another Adobe web conferencing solution, or to request a refund for the balance of your subscription.

For more information, please refer to the Acrobat Connect FAQ page.

Other Web Conferencing Products:

Adobe ConnectNow
Share your screen and host ad hoc meetings with a web conferencing solution that's easy to access and simple to use. Adobe ConnectNow is ideal for the basic needs of individuals and small groups.

Adobe Connect Pro
For full-featured web conferencing with capabilities for large-capacity meetings, meeting recordings, webinars, and eLearning, consider purchasing Adobe Connect Pro software.


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Compare Adobe Connect Pro and Adobe ConnectNow
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