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Authorware, multimedia, and instructional methods

Instructional methods and instructional media
Instructional architectures and cognitive learning processes
Four instructional architectures
Which architecture is best? No yellow brick road
How learning happens
Cognitive processes and instruction
Managing cognitive load
Avoiding multimedia-induced overload
Directing the learner's attention
Adjunct memory support
Integration of graphics and audio
Practice, practice, practice
Cognitive load and the four architectures
Effective encoding techniques
The four architectures and encoding into long-term memory
Encouraging effective retrieval from long-term memory
The promise of cognitive apprenticeship
Features of the cognitive apprenticeship
Multimedia and learning
Summary of instructional methods
Further reading

Ruth Colvin Clark, Ph.D.

Ruth Colvin Clark, Ph.D. is a recognized specialist in instructional design and technical training. Dr. Clark holds a Doctorate in Instructional Psychology and Educational Technology from the University of Southern California.

Dr. Clark is author of the instructional design text, "Developing Technical Training." Her latest book, "Building Expertise, Cognitive Methods for Training & Performance Support" summarizes and illustrates instructional strategies linked to human information processes. She is widely published in journals in the field and is contributing editor to "Performance & Instruction."

Dr. Clark's seminars on design of workbook and multimedia training have been consistent favorites among corporate and governmental training developers charged with assessing and implementing staff training functions. She is the recent past-president of the International Society for Performance Improvement.

For information about her books or instructional design seminars, contact CLARK Training & Consulting at 602-230-9190 or Kim Perkins.

October 5, 1998

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