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Breeze Live Troubleshooting

This page provides information on current known issues with Breeze Live. You can also check out the Breeze Support Center for more support resources.

Attention meeting attendees: If you are having trouble accessing a Breeze Live meeting, event or online seminar please contact the event organizer for assistance.

Common problems connecting to a Breeze Live meeting

Popup blocker software

Disable popup blocker or unblock the site to access the meeting.

Password issues

  1. I have forgotten my password - Click the Forgot your password link on the login screen to reset. For more information see How to reset a forgotten password (TechNote 18729).
  2. I do not have a password - Contact your company's Breeze administrator or the meeting organizer.
  3. My password does not work - Try changing password by clicking the Forgot your password link on the login screen.

    passwords are case sensitive.

Behind a proxy server

  1. Within Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab.
  2. Enable Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections and click OK.
  3. Close all browser windows before trying to connect to meeting again.

Flash Player 6.0.65 or higher is not installed

  1. Visit the Flash Player Download Center and click the Install Now button.
  2. Close all browser windows before trying to connect to meeting again.

To see the real-time Breeze Server status please see the server status page.

Visit the Breeze Compatibility Test page to determine the version of the Breeze Player installed on your machine. You can also see information about your system's bandwidth and configuration.

If you are having difficulty conducting a Breeze Live meeting please visit the Breeze Live Troubleshooting FAQ (TechNote 18815) for information about specific technical issues. Some of the topics covered in this TechNote:

To contact Breeze Product Support via e-mail, use the Breeze Support Form.


Last Updated: 24 August 2004