Adding widgets


In Adobe Captivate, widgets are configurable SWF objects created in Flash. Widgets can help provide enhanced interactivity and rich content rapidly.

The base code for creating different types of widgets for Adobe Captivate is available in Flash. Developers can use this base code for widgets inserted in Adobe Captivate.

Developers can do the following:

  • Control the visibility of the widget. Developers can choose to make certain facets of the widget available to the users in Adobe Captivate for preview or customization.
  • Define the behavior of the widget in response to user input.
  • Make widgets interact with each other.

This tutorial explains how to insert widgets in your project. For more information on widgets, see Adobe Captivate online help.


  1. In the Filmstrip, click the slide on which you want to insert the widget.
  2. Select Insert > Widget.

    Insert menu showing the Widget option

  3. In the Open dialog box, browse to the folder containing the widget, and open it.
  4. In the Widget Properties dialog box, specify the name of the course. For details on widget properties, see this article.

    Widget Properties dialog box


Enhance your Adobe Captivate project with widgets. Widgets can be static or interactive.

You can use the out-of-the-box widgets available in the <installation folder>/Gallery. You can also create your own widgets in Flash, save them as SWF files, and then insert them in Adobe Captivate projects.


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