Aggregator, a component that gets installed along with Adobe Captivate, helps you aggregate multiple SWFs into a single project. You can publish the combined files as SWF output, executable files (Windows and Mac), PDF, HTML, or Zip files.

The individual SWF files, referred to as modules, can represent the actual modules of an elearning course, or can be a group of related demonstrations.

An Aggregator project provides you the flexibility to choose the modules you want to display to a group of audience. For example, consider that you have five modules in the project. For one group of users, you can enable all modules, and publish a SWF file of the project. For another group of users, you can enable only three modules, and publish another SWF file.

Note: The Aggregator currently supports SWF files that are published using Adobe Captivate and that use the same ActionScript version. You cannot add SWF files created in Flash to an Aggregator project.


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