Apply shadows to objects


Shadows provide ‘depth’ to your objects and make them look realistic. Adobe Captivate ships with presets for different angles of shadows. You can apply these directly to objects or tweak the properties of shadows to suit your requirements.

You can apply shadow effects to all objects in Adobe Captivate, including placeholder objects.

This tutorial explains how to apply shadows to objects.


  1. Click the object. To select multiple objects, hold down the Shift key (Windows) or the Control key (Mac), and then click the objects.

  2. In the Property Inspector, click the Enable check box in the Shadow accordion.

    Shadow accordion in Property Inspector

    The shadow is applied to the object with default settings.

    If you have applied a shadow to any object before, those shadow settings are applied by default.

  3. To modify the shadow, do one or both these actions:

    • Click one of the options in the Direction check list.

    • Click one of the preset options, or specify the required properties, such as, color (with transparency), distance, blur, and angle.


Make your objects look ‘real’ by applying shadows to them. Play around with the out-of-the-box presets to decide the angle of shadows. Obtain a 3D effect by applying ‘Inner’ shadows.

Choose from the presets available out-of-the-box or tweak the shadows to suit your requirements.


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