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You create movies and projects in Adobe Captivate using various elements, such as, panels, bars, and windows. A specific arrangement of these elements is called a Workspace.

Adobe Captivate provides preset workspaces that help you get started quickly. You can also customize the workspace by arranging the elements in a way that suits your requirements.

For the description of the default workspace, see this article in Adobe Captivate online help.

This tutorial explains how to get started with the Adobe Captivate workspace.


  1. Select a workspace from the workspace switcher in the Application bar.

    Applying Skin   Displays the Skin Editor along with the other default panels.

    Classic   Displays the default workspace with the Object Toolbar, Filmstrip, Timeline, and the Property Inspector panels.

    Navigation   Displays the Branching panel along with the other default panels.

    Quizzing   Displays the Quiz Properties (in the default place of Filmstrip). Filmstrip is displayed along with the Timeline at the bottom of the application.

    Review   Displays the Comments panel along with the other default panels.

    Widget   Displays the Widget panel along with the other default panels.

  2. To customize the workspace, add, move, dock, stack, or resize panels as required. For detailed instructions, see Adobe Captivate online help.


Adobe Captivate’s workspace consists of different panels and toolbars designed for specific purposes. For example, Quiz Properties panel displays the properties of the quizzes in the project, and the Comments panel displays the review comments that the project has received.

Arrange the panels and toolbars on based on your convenience and save the workspace arrangement for your future use.


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