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You can create a quiz to assess the user’s understanding of the demonstrated feature. Adobe Captivate provides a wide variety of question slides that you can incorporate into your quiz. For example, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and likert questions.

You can keep your quiz unpredictable by picking questions from a question pool, or by shuffling the answers for a question every time the slide is displayed. You can extend the variety of question slides available in Adobe Captivate by creating question widget slides in Adobe Flash, and inserting them into Adobe Captivate projects.

This tutorial explains how you can add a question slide to your project. For more information on creating quizzes in Adobe Captivate, see this article.


  1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Quiz and specify the quiz preferences. For detailed information, see this article.

    Quiz preferences

  2. Click Quiz > Question Slide and click the required question type in the Insert Questions dialog box. For information on inserting each type of question slide, see this article.

    Insert Questions dialog box


Include interactive quizzes in your elearning courses created using Adobe Captivate.

You can also integrate Adobe Captivate with an LMS, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, or, and choose various options for reporting users’ progress on quizzes.


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