Create master slides


Master slides define background and common objects such as logos, headers, and footers for your slides. They provide a uniform appearance for your entire project.

Adobe Captivate creates a default master slide for a project. Any new slide you add to the project is automatically linked to the master slide associated with the previously selected project slide.

When a slide is linked to a master slide, all the artifacts of that master slide reflect on the slide.

This tutorial explains how to create master slides.


To add a master slide, select Insert > Slide > Master Slides.

Use the Property Inspector (Window > Properties) to:

  • Label the master slide: Specify a unique label in the text box.
  • Provide background color: Deselect Project Background and then select a color from Stage.
  • Insert background images: Click the Browse icon to select a background image.


Place objects and background images that are common to multiple slides on a master slide. Then, assign the master slide to the required slides with a single click.

Use master slides across projects by copying the slides in the source project (in the Master Slides panel) and pasting them in the target project.

Obtain the combined benefits of a project template and master slides by using the master slides within the template.


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