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Object style is a set of visual attributes, such as color and font, which you apply to an object. These styles let you provide a uniform appearance to objects that are used across slides and projects.

Adobe Captivate provides out-of-the-box styles for all objects. You can apply these styles to the objects in your project or create custom styles.

You can create object styles at the following levels:

  • Global level — When you want to use the styles for all new projects you create subsequently.
  • Project level — When you want to use the style within a specific project.

This tutorial explains how to create object styles at the project and global levels.


Perform the following steps in the Object Style Manager (Edit > Object Style Manager):

  1. From the list of objects, select the object for which you want to define a style.
  2. From the list of styles, select a style that is most relevant for the new style you want to create.
  3. Click Clone and then enter a name for the style.

    Object Style Manager

  4. Specify the style properties and then click OK.
  5. To apply the style to an object, select the object and then select an object style from the Properties panel.
  6. To use the style that you created as the default style, select Set As Default.
  7. Do the following:

    • To export, select an option in the Export drop-down list and then click Export. Select a location to store the object style (in .cps format).
    • To import, click Import and then select the .cps file that corresponds to the required object style.


You can use a predefined object style or create a custom object style, and apply it to as many objects as required in your project. You can also modify the predefined style attributes to create a custom object style.

The object styles can be imported or exported from one project to another. You can also search for objects that use a specific style.


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