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Previewing specific slides helps you quickly view the workflow between the slides and identify the areas to be tweaked.

For example, let us consider that your project contains 100 slides; slides 25 to 30 contain a specific workflow. During the content development stage, you need not preview the entire 100 slides to refine the workflow between these specific slides. You can quickly tweak these slides by previewing them using the 'Next 5 slides' option.

This tutorial explains how you can preview a specific sequence of slides in your project.


Click File > Preview, and click one of the following options:

File menu showing the options for previewing specific slides

Play This Slide  Plays only the current slide.

Project  Plays the entire project.

From This Slide  Plays the project from the current slide on the stage to the end of the project.

Next 5 Slides  Plays five slides starting with the current slide. The value ‘5’ is configurable in the Preferences dialog box (Edit > Preferences > Global > Defaults).

The preview is displayed in a new window. You can use the controls at the top of the window to pause, play, rewind, or forward the movie.


Save time during the self-review of your project by choosing to preview only required slides or a sequence of slides.


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