Publish the Aggregator project


You can publish an Aggregator project as a SWF file, executable files, PDF, ZIP, or a HTML file.

Before publishing the project, you can customize the project for your audience by enabling or disabling the required modules.

This tutorial explains how to publish Aggregator projects.


  1. Open the aggregator project.
  2. Click the publish icon.

    Publish icon in Aggregator

  3. In the Aggregator Publish dialog box, do the following:

    1. In the Format section, select SWF, Win Executable, or Mac Executable based on your requirements.
    2. In the Title field, specify a unique name for the published file.
    3. In the Folder field, enter the path to which the files are published. Alternatively, click Browse to specify the path. Select Publish Files To Folder if you want Adobe Captivate to create a default folder into which the files are published.

      Aggregator project publish dialog box

  4. In the Publish Options section, select one or more options based on the publishing format you have chosen.

    • Select Zip Files if you want to publish the files as a single ZIP file. This option is especially useful when you want to create a single ZIP file that can be uploaded to a learning management system (LMS) directly.
    • Select Export HTML if you want to insert the SWF into an HTML file and publish it.
    • Select Export PDF if you want to insert the SWF file into a PDF file and publish it.
    • Full Screen if you want the movie to be displayed in full screen of the users’ monitors.

  5. If you have chosen Win Executable as the publish format, click the browse icon in the Custom Icon field to assign an icon to the published EXE file.
  6. Click Publish.


Make your aggregated projects available to your users as SWF, PDF, HTML, ZIP, or executable files by publishing them in the required format.


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