Publish the project as an F4V file


You can publish your Adobe Captivate project as an F4V file. Open the published F4V file in any of the media players that support the F4V format.

Note: All interactivity in your project is lost when you convert the project to an F4V file.

This tutorial explains how to publish your projects as an F4V file.


  1. Select File > Publish.

  2. In the Publish dialog box, select Media, and configure the following options:

    Select Type  From the menu, select F4V Video (*.f4v)

    Note: To create an FLV out of the F4V file, click F4V With Fixed Frame Rate.

    Project Title  Enter a name for the F4V file without adding the extension (.f4v).

    Folder  Enter the full path to the folder in which to save the file, or click Browse to locate the folder.

The Project Information area displays useful statistics about the project including the size (resolution), number of slides, audio information, e-learning details, accessibility compliance, and playback control assigned to the project. To change any of the options listed in this area, click the blue text.

To change preferences, click Preferences.


Make your Adobe Captivate projects available to a wider audience by publishing them as F4V files, the most popular video format for viewing on web.


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