Publish the project as an executable file or a Mac application


You can create stand-alone, executable files of your Adobe Captivate projects. This publishing option enables you to create a Windows executable file (EXE) or MAC executable file (APP).

This tutorial explains how to publish your project as an EXE or APP file.


  1. Select File > Publish.

  2. In the Publish dialog box, select Media, and configure the following options:

    Select Type  From the menu, select Windows Executable (*.exe) or MAC Executable (*.app).

    Project Title  Enter a name for the executable file without adding the extension (.exe/.app).

    Folder  Enter the full path to the folder in which to save the file, or click Browse to locate the folder.

    Custom Icon   You can customize the icon that is displayed for the executable file. Click Browse (...) to add a custom icon for your file. Ensure that the icon file has a .ico extension (on Windows)/.icns (for Mac).

    (Applies only for Windows) You can create a custom icon file using any software meant for that purpose. Ensure that the file you create contains seven images of the following dimensions:

    • 256x256 32-bit color image
    • 48x48 32-bit color image
    • 48x48 8-bit color image
    • 32x32 32-bit color image
    • 32x32 8-bit color image
    • 16x16 32-bit color image
    • 16x16 8-bit color image

      Publish projects as media files

  3. (Applies only to EXE) Select from the following output options:

    Zip Files  Creates a ZIP file containing the EXE file.

    Full Screen  Runs the executable file in full screen mode.

    Note: If you select AICC or SCORM options for the project, you can’t apply the full screen publishing option.

    Generate Autorun For CD  An autorun.inf file is generated in the publish directory. The file starts playing as soon as the CD is inserted into the computer.

    Flash Player Version  Adobe Captivate generates the SWF file in the Flash version that you choose.

The Project Information area displays useful statistics about the project including the size (resolution), number of slides, audio information, e-learning details, accessibility compliance, and playback control assigned to the project. To change any of the options listed in this area, click the blue text.

To change preferences, click Preferences.


Make your Adobe Captivate projects available as stand-alone projects (without requiring Flash Player) on Windows and Mac by publishing them as EXE or APP.


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