Rotate objects


Make your slides more engaging by rotating objects on them. In Adobe Captivate, the objects are rotated about the center of the object (2-D rotation).

You can rotate all objects in Adobe Captivate, except the following:

  • Slidelet

  • Mouse

  • Answers for question slide objects

  • Zoom destination and Zoom source

Rotation of objects, combined with other effects, shadows, and gradients can help you design great templates in Adobe Captivate.

This tutorial explains how to rotate objects.


  1. Click the object that you want to rotate. A rotation symbol appears at the top handle of the object.

  2. Click the symbol and move the mouse in the direction. While you move the mouse, Adobe Captivate displays a dotted-line preview of the position of the object on the stage.

    Dotted line preview while rotating objects

  3. Release the mouse button when the object is positioned in the required angle.

Alternatively, select the object on stage, and specify the angle of rotation in the Property Inspector (Transform accordion > Angle).

Rotation option in the Property Inspector

Note: To reset the rotation angle to 0°, double-click the rotation symbol.


Explore unlimited design possibilities by rotating different objects in Adobe Captivate.

When you rotate a object, the text within the object too gets rotated along with the object.


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