Add background images to slides


By default, the slides use the background that is set in the corresponding master slides. You can choose to use any JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, EMF, WMF, POT, or POTX images as the background for slides.

If you just need a different color for the background, you can choose the required color from the color palette in the Property Inspector instead of using an image.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use an image as the slide background.


  1. Select the slide (s) in the Filmstrip. To select multiple slides, hold down the Ctrl or the Shift key while selecting the slides.

  2. In the Property inspector, clear the Use Master Slide Background check box.

  3. Click the browse icon below the Background area.

    • If the library does not contain any image, you will be prompted to browse for the image. Navigate to the location of the image, select it, and click Open.
    • If the library already contains images, you will be prompted to choose an image from the library. Select an image and click OK. To use an image that does not exist in the library, click Import in the Select Image from Library dialog box.

      Background image for a slide


Use a different color or image as the background for your slides. When you import an image, it appears as a different object in the Timeline. Make it a part of the slide by merging it with the background (right-click the image > Merge with Background).


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