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Objects are different elements that you can add to Adobe Captivate slides. These objects enhance the usability and interactivity of your Adobe Captivate project.

Adobe Captivate objects can be broadly classified as interactive and non-interactive objects. The following table lists the objects in these categories:

Interactive and Non-interactive objects
Interactive Non-interactive
Click boxes Text captions
Text entry boxes Rollover captions
Buttons Highlight boxes
Widgets Mouse
Rollover slidelets
Zoom areas
Images and rollover images
Drawing tools
Animated text
FLV/F4V files

For more information on objects see Adobe Captivate online help.

This tutorial explains how to add objects to a slide.


  1. In the Filmstrip, click the slide on which you want to insert the object.

  2. Click Insert > Standard Objects, and then click the object you want to insert.

    Insert menu showing the options for objects


Make your Adobe Captivate projects engaging and interactive by adding a wide variety of objects, such as, text captions, animations, buttons, and click boxes.


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