Importing audio


You can import a WAV or an MP3 file to an object, slide, or to the project as the background audio.

You can also pre-record the narration for the project and then import the audio file to the appropriate slides.

This tutorial explains how you can import audio to a slide, object, or to the background of the project.


  1. Open the Adobe Captivate project, and click Audio > Import to, and then click Slide, Object, or Background.

    Import audio into a slide

  2. Browse to the location where the audio file is saved and click Open. Based on the option you have selected (slide, object, or background), a dialog box appears that lets you edit the audio.

    The audio appears in a separate layer in the Timeline.

    Audio clip in the Timeline


Enhance the effectiveness of your Adobe Captivate demonstrations by importing audio into them. You can associate an audio file with an object, slide, or use it as the background for the project.


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