Insert stencil slides


Got to add an additional slide to the project? The most simplest way is to insert a slide that looks like one of the slides in the project. Click the slide that you want to use as a ‘stencil’, and then use the use the Insert > New slides option to insert similar slide.

This tutorial explains how you can add ‘stencil’ slides to your project.


  1. In the Filmstrip, click the slide after which you want to insert the new slide.
  2. Click Insert > New Slide.

    Insert menu showing the New Slide option

A ‘stencil’ slide appears in the Filmstrip.


Use the Insert > New slides option to insert a slide that is similar to the one that you currently have in your project. You can also add additional slides by recording an application, a window, or a screen area, or by inserting blank slides.


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