Pubishing projects as MP4 files


Adobe Captivate lets you publish your projects as MP4 files.

Note: F4V publishing is replaced with MP4 publishing in Adobe Captivate 5.5 and later.

To optimize the MP4 output for YouTube and iOS devices, you can choose a YouTube or an iOS preset right at the beginning, while creating the project.

This tutorial explains how to publish your projects as MP4 files.


  1. Click File > Publish, and click Media.

  2. In the Select Type list, click MP4 Video (*.mp4).

    Publish dialog box with MP4 option

  3. Specify a folder in which the project must be published. By default, the project is published in the folder specified in the project preferences.

  4. Click one of the options in the Select Preset list.

  5. Click Publish.

Adobe Captivate automatically sets the video settings based on the option you select. If necessary, you can customize the settings by selecting the Customize Video Settings check box.

Note: It is recommended that you retain the default settings as the output may not be optimized with the custom settings.


Publish your Adobe Captivate projects as MP4 files — the widely accepted form of video.

Plan to publish to YouTube or iOS devices? Adobe Captivate lets you choose appropriate presets with optimized output settings at the time of creating your projects.


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