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Business analysts, engineers, researchers, teachers, and literally every professional would at some point in their work require to create demonstrations, presentations, or training materials. The crux of these type of content is the simulation of a specific set of actions performed in an application or a screen area.

Adobe Captivate provides the simplest means of recording your actions on a screen or in an application with just a single click.

For example, let us consider that you are a teacher and you want to teach your students how to create, develop, save, and print a document in Microsoft Word. What you need to do is to open Adobe Captivate, choose Microsoft Word in the recording options, and click Record. And then, you perform all the required actions in Microsoft Word as you normally do. When you are done, you press the End key on your keyboard.

That's it! Adobe Captivate takes charge now — an Adobe Captivate project appears. All the screens that you opened or accessed in Microsoft Word are made available to you as sequential 'slides' in an Adobe Captivate project. Every action — a click of the mouse or a button, and the mouse movements — are indicated on these slides. And what more, default text captions that briefly describe your action on a screen also appear on the slides.

Try the following procedure to record an application.


  1. Open the application you want to demonstrate. Let us consider Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the application that you want to demonstrate.

    Determine the sequence of actions you want to demonstrate in Adobe Photoshop CS5. For example, open a PSD file, and save it as a JPEG file.

  2. Open Adobe Captivate.
  3. In the main menu at the top of the Adobe Captivate window, select File and click Record New Project.

    Record new project option in the File menu

    Now you see that the Adobe Captivate application is minimized and a screen with recording options appears.

  4. Click Application and in the drop-down list, click Adobe Photoshop CS5.
  5. Click Record at the bottom of the screen.

    The countdown (from 3 to 1) for recording begins. At the end of the countdown, Adobe Photoshop CS5 application appears.

  6. Perform the steps that you want to demonstrate in Adobe Photoshop CS5.
  7. When you are done, press the End key (Windows) or Command+Enter (Mac OS) on your keyboard.

    Using the Cp icon to end recording (on Win)


Use the ‘Recording’ feature in Adobe Captivate to demonstrate your actions in an application. When you record an application, Adobe Captivate provides you ‘slides’ for every screen that you accessed or invoked in the application. All actions, such as clicking of a mouse or a button, too are recorded and shown at the appropriate locations on the slides as ‘objects’.

If required, you can enhance your project by adding more text captions and objects, or by editing the properties of the slide. Or, you can simply publish the project as a SWF file and play the SWF file for your audience.


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