Record additional slides


At any given point in time during content development, you can add more slides to your project by recording additional slides.

You can record additional slides in projects created in any of the following ways:

  • Recording actions in an application or a screen
  • Importing Microsoft PowerPoint slides or images
  • Creating a new blank project and adding content to the slides

The dimensions of the recorded slides will be the same as that of the project to which they are being added, and can not be changed.

This tutorial explains how you can record additional slides to a project.


  1. Open the project to which you want to record additional slides.

  2. Click the recording icon in the Main Options.

    Record Additional Slides icon in the workspace

  3. In the Record Additional Slides dialog box, select the slide after which the recorded slides must be inserted, and then click OK.

    Record Additional Slides dialog box

    The recording window appears.

    Recording options

  4. Select the application or window you want to record.

  5. Select the other recording options, such as, the recording mode, panning, and audio.

  6. Click Record.

    The countdown appears on your screen. Start performing the required actions on the window or the application after the countdown.

  7. When you are done, press the End key or click the Cp icon in the system tray (Win), or the application dock (Mac).


One of the ways to add additional slides to your project is to record the required application or window from within the project. You can also insert new slides — blank or stencil slides — into the project.


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