Sharing projects for review on an internal server


Host your projects on an internal server on your corporate network for reviews. The review comments are stored as XML files in the folder you specify. The XML files are named after the email IDs that you specify while sending the email notification for the review.

Reviewers can also choose to export the XML files using the Adobe Captivate Reviewer interface. You can then import the comments into your project.

This tutorial explains the workflow of sharing your project for review on an internal server.


  1. Select File > Collaborate > Send for Shared Review.

    File menu showing the Send for Shared Review option

  2. In the Send for Shared Review dialog box, type a name for the review file (CREV file) and then select Automatically Collect Comments From My Own Internal Server.

    Send for Shared Review dialog b ox

  3. Click Next.

  4. Use the following options to create the CREV file:

    Publish Folder  The location where the CREV file is published. Click Browse if you want to specify a different location for the generated files.

    Project Comments Folder  Select this option and choose a shared folder, either on your computer or on the network, for storing the comments. Ensure that you provide write permissions to the folder. The path to the shared location must begin with a double backslash (\\) on Windows. On Mac, prefix the path with smb://. If reviewers do not have access to a shared folder, you can choose not to specify a location for the comments. In this case, you can ask the reviewers to export their comments to an XML file and send the file to you.When there is no shared network, you can choose not to specify a location. The reviewer must export the comments and send them to you. When you import the contents of the XML file, the comments are embedded in your project.

    Shared review using an internal server

  5. Select Send Mail, and do the following:

    • Select Attach Review (.CREV) File if you want to send the CREV file as an attachment along with the mail. Use this option when the size of the CREV file is small enough to be sent by e-mail. E-mail filters are usually configured to block e-mails that are larger than a specified size.
    • Select Attach Adobe Captivate Reviewer if you want to send the AIR installer as an attachment. Use this option the first time you send a CREV file to a reviewer.
  6. Click Email. A draft of the e-mail appears.

    Email alert for reviewers

  7. Customize the body of the draft if you want to provide additional instructions to reviewers.

  8. Enter e-mail addresses of reviewers in the To and Cc fields, and click Send.

Best practice is not to edit the Adobe Captivate project during the review. If the project changes during the review, the posted comments might not appear at the intended locations. If you must edit the project, ask the reviewers to stop their work. Then start a fresh review after editing the project.


Use any internal server on your network to centrally collect comments from the reviewers. These comments appear directly in the Window > Comments panel of your Adobe Captivate project.

However, if the reviewers cannot connect to the server for any reason, they can export their comments as XML files. Import the XML files using the buttons in the Comments panel to view the comments.


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