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Text captions are similar to speech bubbles or blurbs that help you bring the users' focus to specific areas on a slide, explain concepts, or provide additional information. When you record an application, Adobe Captivate automatically describes your actions in text captions. For example, if you click an OK button in a dialog box, the text caption reads 'Click the OK button'.

Note: You can disable the automatic insertion of text captions in recorded projects. See link for more information.

You can add new text captions or edit the existing ones in the project. This topic explains how you can add text captions.


  1. In the Filmstrip, click the slide on which you want to add the text caption. The selected slide appears on the stage.
  2. Select Insert > Standard Objects > Text Caption.

    Text Caption option in the Insert menu

    A caption is inserted at the center of the slide.

    Default and new Text Captions

  3. Edit the default text. You can resize the text box to fit the content appropriately.
  4. Drag the text box to the required location on the slide.


Using text captions, you can add textual information about a concept, procedure, or instructions in your Adobe Captivate projects.

You can ‘time’ the text captions so that they appear at the required context when the Adobe Captivate movie is played. For more information on tweaking the timeline of the text captions, see Adjust the timing of objects.


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