Adobe ACI Stand Up Certification Process

To become an ACI for some of Adobe’s products you must pass a"stand-up" certification with one of our master instructors. The master instructor evaluates the instructor's product knowledge, course mastery, and instructional skills.

Once you feel prepared to teach the Adobe product course, you will need to schedule the stand up certification with one of Adobe’s master instructors. You will coordinate directly with the master instructor for the date and time. You will also pay the master instructor directly for their service.

The stand up certification may be conducted in person or over Connect and should take approximately 1 hour. The fee for the stand up certification is $300. This covers coordination time, actual stand up, and paperwork the master instructor needs to submit to Adobe.

The Stand up will follow this format:

  • Be prepared to teach the full course; the master instructor will tell you what topic(s) to teach. You will teach as if you were teaching a live class and the master instructor is one of your students
  • Start by giving your course and instructor introduction as you would for a live class. This should be relatively short.
  • Then queue up the topic you have been asked to teach and jump right in as if the prior subjects have already been covered. The master instructor will ask questions as a student would.
  • Once the master instructor is satisfied with that topic, he/she will stop you and have you queue up the next topic.
  • Once you are done, the master instructor may ask you other questions about any topic in the course or product to verify your knowledge. They may also discuss key product features or course objectives.
  • The master instructor will discuss with you the strengths and areas for improvement they observed.
  • At the end of the stand up, the master instructor will let you know their recommendation for pass or fail.
  • Adobe has the final say and will notify you within a week of your stand up whether you passed.